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saila.com: August 2002’s Posts. - MMXII beta edition

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Online media matters


August 2002’s Posts.

  1. Tables and CSS

    Zeldman’s words carry a lot of weight amongst a large group of Web designers. So when he wrote “To Hell With Old Browsers” sparked a heated debate. While the debate was healthy, it was often wrong-headed, and yesterday he tried to clarify the issue in regards to tables and CSS.

  2. Netscape 7; Canadian net user’ database

  3. SatireWire clipped; online-media accessibility

  4. New TSN.ca and real-life Spidey skills

    The new TSN.ca site relaunched today with a new look (which, at launch ran the same main photo as Canada’s other big sports site was) and a new mandate. The site now incorporates all of content from six television channels: TSN, RDS, ESPN Classic Canada, NHL Network, WTSN, and OLN.

  5. August 25, 2002

    A new version of the Special Characters Converter was released allowing both entities and characters converted

  6. August 25, 2002

    Added Marek Prokop’s abbr fix for IE/Windows

  7. August 23, 2002

    Did some modifications to the structure of the Web Design Tips. Now each tip is on its own page. This reduces download time, and makes the tips more flexible. Also added was the ability to show just a subset of tips

  8. No hyperlink patent

    One of the stupider patent claims has been struck down. British Telecom’s attempt to charge a U.S. ISP a fee for using hyperlinks was nixed. The judge ruled that the patent may not even cover hyperlinks, saying the backbone of the patent, “BT’s alleged ‘complete address’ — the path name — is by definition incomplete on a network of networks like the Internet.”

  9. Better online journalism

    I’ve long bemoaned the dearth of original (commercial) content online, but it looks as though AOL might start doing just that in an effort to “creat[e] online communities around content.” Of course, it is an effort to create a more “sticky” AOL to drive up CPM rates, but still…

  10. thenewforum.ca; news front pages

    So you know about Monday, yesterday I had a brutal headache, and today I wish I just stayed in bed. Looking forward to the rest of the week…

  11. Contingency design; font sizes

  12. Hypertext writing

    Mark Bernstein remains, even amongst Webheads, a relatively unkown person and that is shame. Those that recognize it generally do so because of his work with Eastgate. But he is also one of the few people who have been serioulsy advocating hypertext — which, ironically enough, seems to be a dying artform on the Web.

  13. Microsoft removes its fonts; email money

    Further proof that nothing ever dies on the Net: yesterday it became public knowledge that Microsoft had removed its core Web fonts from its site. Conspiracy theories were quickly silenced by when typographica asked a simple question. Nevertheless, the core fonts were re-discovered, safely stored by the Internet Archive. I like that these digital packages have both the qualities of both a physical object a transient idea.

  14. CANOE spams, email thrives

    Like the ghost of Hamlet’s father, CANOE Money began appearing to me each night at the same time. Starting Monday I began receiving CANOE Money’s Mortgage Alert, as I requested. Strangely enough, I'd never requested it on the email address I was receiving it at. In fact I can’t recall ever requesting it…

  15. August 13, 2002

    The Special Characters Converter is having some problems right now. Expect an upgrade in the next couple of days

  16. Rogers scolded; CBC TV at 50

    In the “what sounded like a good idea at the time” department: Rogers was scolded by the CRTC scolded Rogers for using its community TV channels last fall to explain how it’s Internet unit was dealing with the @Home bankruptcy. (Thanks to David Elfstrom.)

  17. AOL and Mozilla, and IE updates

    AOL’s latest version for the Macintosh, designed for OS X, uses a Gecko-based browser, let’s hope the next Windows version does the same. Follow the speculation in Mozillazine’s forums.

  18. August 9, 2002

    Updated the Special Characters Converter and added some link elements to the templates

  19. The Distillery District; tabbed newspaper

    The Gooderham and Worts Distillery has been closed to the public for almost 170 years. As part of the Toronto’s efforts to reclaim its waterfront, the complex is re-opening, and becoming the anchor for a new neighbourhood.

  20. Standards and steganography

    When standards go bad: Chuck Scholton wrote a fascinating study of the problems with the standardized list of country names.

  21. XHTML 2 and CSS 3

  22. XHTML revised

    Reading the new XHTML 1.0 (second edition) recommendation, I came across this suggestion, in appendix C.13:

  23. HTML is not an acronym…

    Discover the difference between an acronym, an abbreviation, and an initialism while learning some suggestions on how to treat them in Web pages.

  24. August 1, 2002

    saila.com begins its sixth year as this site’s domain

  25. Five years of saila.com; roach-bait marketing

    Five years ago today, I moved my tilde account (once found at http://www.interlog.com/~saila/), which had been online since late 1996, to its current domain, saila.com. Take a look at the past designs of the site as it evolved from a personal portfolio/resumé site to its current incarnation:

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