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Standards and steganography

When standards go bad: Chuck Scholton wrote a fascinating study of the problems with the standardized list of country names.

When standards save money: following on the heels of MACCAWS, Webmonkey has an article about “three simple, fast, cheap things many sites can do to come up to speed on standards and make [the] site less costly to maintain.”

A lot of (baseless) fear-mongering surrounded steganography after last year’s terrorists attacks against the U.S. Now it’s being touted as a means to make passports more secure and, potentially, a way to replace the barcode. A team of Israeli scientists has developed a way to hide up to six icons (e.g., a fingerprint) in a colour picture by shifting the dots that make the original image.

The same technology may eventually allow the print media to run more complex and layered infographics for reasons why online news sites use Flash today.