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Online media matters


June 7, 2004’s Posts.

  1. TodaysPapers: a new news aggregator

    TodaysPaper merges GoogleNews with a community-blog-like interface. Though it’s still in its infancy (tracking only 100 feeds), TodaysPapers is the second project from BlogLabs — Cam Barrett’s personal business incubator. Barrett knows the medium, and it should be very interesting to see if how the users editorializing (via comments) will effect how readers digest the news as the site grows.

  2. Introducing WHATWG

    Some frustration, perhaps, has lead to the creation of the YABA-friendly WHATWG. The idea is, in essence, to create new technologies to extend the core Web standards (HTML, CSS, DOM and ECMA Script) and allow developers to created Web-based applications. (MozillaZine offers a good overview.)

  3. mono redesigns

    Another notable redesign: the subtly-changed mono. Mr. Holst describes in detail both the influences and hurdles in this design

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