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Blind instinct

The following is a jumble of sentences. And for most of you, the next time you read this, those sentences will be even further jumbled. After five false starts, the narrative I was trying to form around the idea of of tunnel vision in creative pursuits wouldn’t come together. So, I broke each sentence into its own line, and let randomness happen.

There are moments when I wish my design training was more formal.

Like for instance, right now.

Although the style of the venue I’m currently writing this in has a distinct and utterly recognizable aesthetic, I’m unable to summon a name for it. The best I can do…

Pee-Wee Herman tiki lounge with a touch of neo-1950s dinner.

Formal training provides one with structure to frame one's work.

Leveraging the communal references and trade jargon enables those with the right skills to quickly and efficiently complete projects.

The brain, we are learning, actually rewires itself to respond more effectively to the constant exposure to the same stimulus.

In many ways, what we this is what we refer to intuition.

People respond faster without, literally, thinking about how to do each step.

With that increased productivity, though, comes a trade-off.

As an example, the ears of the modern music listener are highly attuned to the tones and traits of the highly compressed, slightly tiny sounds of the MP3 format.

Trained musicians, though, are better sensitized to distinguishing the emotion in music are better able to hear certain notes.

As a result the reality experienced by these people is distinct from those who can appreciate when a note is a minor off.

The ability to describe those unique experiences to both audiences is a rare, and given the rate of change facing so many industries, increasingly valuable skill.

Being able to describe the note to those who can’t hear certain notes,

The trick is not just bridge the gap between those two worlds, but to always find ways to improve upon it.

The resulting dissonance, however, can reveal the essence of innovation.