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Election blackout in Canada

Sitting here on the west coast of North America, it’s very strange to witness the news blackout about the Canadian election results. Especially given I’m not even living in Canada anymore.

In the United States, there are no media blackout laws about covering the election (partially, because California is such a populous state that it can help change the election), and in this Internet age, it seems ridiculous Canada still has such a law.

As I write this, polls in a number of provinces have already closed, and the big two are moments away from closing. None of the news outlets are allowed to tell me who won. Many on Twitter are, though. And everyone who posts is technically breaking the law. No one really seems to know or care.

This grassroots reporting of a major national event may finally be the thing that enables Election Canada to give-up on such archaic rules.

In the meantime, if you still can, go out and vote. If you already have, snuggle up in front of your monitor, and watch the results come trickling in through your social networks.