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Gemini winners; Lasica interview

Exactly a month ago, I chided the Gemini’s choices for its Web awards. Thankfully, the winners are all worthy sites:

Most Popular Website [sic]:
Undergrads (bias: produced by a former acquaintance)
Most Innovative Website [sic]:
Degrassi: The Next Generation (ridiculous bias alert: this site is affiliated with company that owns the sites I work for)

For next year’s hopefuls: register a site using .tv.

K. Paul Mallasch plans to run a series of “What Online-News Folks Read” interviews. The first one is with J.D. Lasica.

King’s College j-students discovered what they couldn’t quote when their school enacted the “Chatham House Rule” for a government sponsored presentation entitled: “After September 11: Canada-U.S. Relations.” I’d never heard of the rule before, but these “non-attribution” briefings are apparently common in government. Worth looking into…