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Living Can Kill You

Challenging the tarrif; VeriSign wants RFIDs; cross-browser DHTML Behaviors

Not like it was unexpected: Apple, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, and a bunch of retailers are challenging the tarrif to be placed on MP3 players. A successful suit could lead to the end of legal downloading in Canada, though.

Creeping incompetence: VeriSign, the little-loved company that maintains most domain names, has successfully bid to administer the radio-frequency tagging network to be used be almost every consumer device (well, only those with RFIDs).

The cult of r937 begins

Not a big fan of Internet Explorer’s DHTML Behaviors, but a fellow by the name of Dean Edwards has developed an XBL binding that allows most Mozilla-based browsers to use them. The end result could mean much less cross-browser scripting.