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Living Can Kill You

In-browser XHTML editor; testing CSS designs; ALA redesigns; Postman has died

A Toronto-based company called Belus Technology has developed an ActiveX-based WYSIWYG editor that produces valid CSS and XHTML 1.1 content. After a quick demo run, it looks to be good in-browser editor, and an excellent replacement for the typical mark-up produced by contentEditable interfaces. It could also be a solution to the problem Tom Gilder raised yesterday.

The October issue Web Page Design for Designers has the results of a CSS layout shoot-out amongst the top browsers. Despite some minor technical issues with the methodology, Joe Gillespie comes to the same conclusion we did at our Webstandards.TO meeting last night: the current crop of modern browsers all render CSS-based pages pretty much identically.

Another favourite Web design magazine is returning, reportedly this week.

Worth reading, if only for its mid-nineties info-tech optimism: the Director of BBC New Media & Technology speech on the future of digital television. To be fair, he does offer some good observations about the state of the medium.

And the man who was most famously critical of that medium’s content, Neil Postman, has died.