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Living Can Kill You

ICANN killing the domain name system

I now believe ICANN is intentionally trying to destroy the domain name system. How else can you explain the ludicrous, opportunistic creation of the new “mobi” TLD? And why “mobi”? Is it supposed to be hip? What’s wrong with “mobile”? Web-Graphics outlines one of the largest problems with the “mobi” TLD (as did did Tim Berners-Lee earlier).

Another problem (which TBL also alluded to) is that each new TLD means a company must pay more to protect its brand. For example, two other proposed TLDs — “travel” and “jobs” — could mean The Globe and Mail, for example would need to register “theglobeandmail.jobs” and “globeandmail.jobs” for its job site (either for external or internal positions) and “theglobeandmail.travel” and “globeandmail.travel” for its travel section. (A fourth TLD, “post,” is nearly as useless as “museum.”)

To complicate matters, what if the Globe has a travel site designed for mobile users? Would it be:

With any luck, all of these will be as successful as the last batch and maybe one day ICANN will approval “xxx.”