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Web award deadlines; Elm Street falls

Looks like another tough year for the Webby’s. Last year, as you may recall, they cancelled the gala awards party; this year they’re extending the deadline for entries.

Another Web-friendly award’s deadline is approaching (it’s January 25, 2004). The Canadian e-Content Awards is open mainly to people who create software to manage electronic content (like CMSs) although there is a category for Web sites.

One final award to announce (an unintentional trend developed here): this one for an essay on how the media influences Canadian democracy. The $5,000 prize is named for late Dalton Camp, a man who loved both journalism and politics. This deadline is March 31, 2004.

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For many, this is an all too accurate definition of Web standards (hat tip, MikeyC).

The year it launched, Stevie Cameron came in to talk to my journalism class about the new magazine for women she was editing — Elm Street. Almost seven years later, it is no more. Despite the book’s death, its fashion magazine offshot, Elm Street The Look, and its sister publication, Saturday Night, will have a better life. The former will now publish four times a year, the latter will once again have 10 issues a year.

SitePoint explains how to process XML using JavaScript in Mozilla and in Internet Explorer. A List Apart, meanwhile, demonstrates a quick hack for layouts with columns and describes elastic design.

Finally, an interesting article from the New York Times on how the Web and videogames are influencing the visual style of television and film.