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Living Can Kill You

Cutting the new media fund; best bloggin practices; Opera 7.20 out; P2P to the rescue;

As if the new media industry (when does it — i.e., the Internet, interactive television, wireless devices — stop being “new media”) isn’t hurting enough, the CRTC has a made a seemingly inconsequential ruling that will cut 40 percent from the fund that capitalizes many projects for Canada’s small digital media shops.

Canadians, as I’ve said before, rely on these funds to support its industries because our population density cannot produce a thriving venture capital/philanthropic community. Without such financial initiatives (common in most developed countries that aren’t the U.S.), we can kiss our cultural industries goodbye and subcontract the business out to multinationals.

The Online Journalism Review offers some tips for “determining the best practices for online newspaper blogs.”

Opera 7.20 is out, offering numerous fixes, including support for blink. The free-version of the browser can serve Google’s text ads now, instead of the banner graphics, in its chrome.

Couple of interesting pieces on sharing of digital content…

The first is a legal discussion over the much-hyped notion — which I saw floated by Howard Knopf in an August 2nd letter to the editor published in the Globe — that Canada’s copyright laws allow file-sharing (via TechStuff.ca).

The second is a piece explaining how and why the BBC will give away their archived content. Are you listening, CBC?