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June 2003’s Posts.

  1. Netscape 7.1, Mozilla 1.4 released; media catfight

    Blogger still won’t publish my posts…not happy.

  2. Mozilla news; AdsML; Usability 101

    This post was delayed due to the Blogger upgrades that have now prevented me from even using this service. As a result, this has been posted manually and future posts may be sporadic until the problem is fixed. (Note to self: must hurry development on new site.)

  3. Safari 1.0; Hack HotBot winner losses; SARS concert webcast

    Some quick hits:

  4. Blatchford to the Globe; progressive enhancement; Web standard articles

    Coup: Christie Blatchford is leaving the National Post to join my employer, The Globe and Mail.

  5. Mozilla 1.4 RC2 released with annoying bug

    Mozilla 1.4 Release Candidate 2 is finally out, although the annoying ATI bug is still there

  6. Meet Zeldman; CSS menus

    Meet the Makers has a conversation with the always entertaining Zeldman. Interviews, especially of the Q&A variety, are never an easy thing to pull off well but somehow Brian Alvey manages to consistently produce engaging and informative ones of extraordinary length. My only complaint, and it’s a minor one, is that reading the interview means clicking through seven pages — it’d be great it there was a single-page option.

  7. Webstandards.TO site; Sympatico and MSN; CSS3 selector support

    Joe’s got a page for Webstandards.TO, which meets again this Thursday at 7 West at 7. Unlike the meetups (and barring an ice storm) this won’t be cancelled, so if Web standards are your bag, come on by.

  8. MSN for Mac OS X the last IE for Macs

    It’s official: no further versions of Internet Explorer for the Macintosh will be released. (Not sure if this also includes

  9. Advertising lite; Canadian media growth

    John Dowdell points to an interesting online-ad campaign that successful plays to people’s annoyance with things like Shoshkeles™.

  10. Meyer redesigns

    Eric Meyer has unveiled a series of new designs for his site along with some explanation about the process. My current fav: Mondrian (although you can’t link directly to this layout, it would be quite interesting if you could…)

  11. GIF patent expires; CBC wins Webby; welcome Louie; mini-tabs

    All the buzz about the Internet Explorer�s lack of support for PNGs, may have been for naught, as the patent on the compression scheme used in the GIF is set to expire.

  12. Top Times editors resign

    Whoa. The executive and managing editors of The New York Times just resigned.

  13. Alpha transparency fix; IE improvements?

    Bob Osala has created a simple and clever fix to get alpha transparency in PNGs working in Internet Explorer using one JavaScript call. There’s some catches, but it looks to be a fairly elegant solution. This is the type of thing we need more of if Microsoft isn’t going to update the standalone version of its browser.

  14. CNMA winners; stopdesign’s process; IE bug demos

    The winners for the 2003 CNMAs were announced last night, and are now available online. Look for the next big awards, the Webbys, to be announced Thursday in a live webcast. Thursday is also the Web standards Meetup, happening in Toronto at the Rivoli at 8 p.m — come by if you’re in the city.

  15. Microsoft buys(-off) AOL

    In case, for some reason, you haven’t heard: Microsoft paid AOL a bunch of money to forget about the “past” (i.e., Netscape) and embrace the “future” (i.e., Microsoft).

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