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OJA surprise; accessibility and the law

The winners of the 2002 Online Journalism Awards were announced on October 18, 2002. Unfortunately, I had to search out the results myself. Despite being a screener for the Awards, I received no notice (granted, it could have been lost).

Yes, I could have signed up for an alert just like everyone else.

Yes, I know the OJAs are trying to get more organized.

But I was surprised neither the Online-News mailing list nor, apparently, some OJA volunteers weren’t automatically informed.

By the way, if you’re an U.S. online journalist, you may want to apply for the Scribbs Howard Foundation’s Web Reporting Award. Anyone know of any Canadian equivalents for online reporting?

The New Architect has an intriguing take on the legality of deep-linking. First Monday, on the other hand, recently published an interesting, if academic, essay on the ways links develop and how they can be classified.

Are Web sites covered by the Americans with Disablities Act or aren’t they? As for Canada, Tara Clevand has summarized some key issues

(Man, does Mr. Clark have timing.)