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Living Can Kill You

Recognizing abbr; are newspapers the last mass medium?

The aforementioned rant on the RCMP raid of a journalist’s home, and the precedent it may establish, has now been posted.

Dean Edwards has exploited a bug in Internet Explorer to trick it into recognizing abbr using only XHTML. Because it uses namespaces, validators see it as invalid, but it does get one wondering as to what else can be done using this method. (Note, it doesn’t seem to work in Safari.)

Need lynx? Go get it.

Just as My Yahoo begins including RSS feeds, Blogger is serving Atom feeds.

Even though more community newspapers are being given away free (raising the paradox of free papers, paid Web sites), the Toronto Star’s publisher argues newspapers are the last truly mass medium. Meanwhile some suspect The Globe and Mail’s owner (and my employer) will be spun-off rather than sold.