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Definitive essay on abbreviations; online news initiatives

Lars Holst has written what may be the definitive essay on the use of abbr and acronym. The well-researched piece concludes:

  1. Understand the difference between abbreviations, acronyms, and initialisms.
  2. Use the <acronym> element for acronyms only.
  3. Use the <abbr> element for initialisms, or when in doubt.

From SimpleBits: a comprehensive tutorial/post-mortem on the accessible image-tab rollovers created for Fast Company.

The latest Gorilla Tip is about a topic I receive a lot of feedback on: links opening in new windows. Mr. Robinson’s arguments are convincing, and managed to motivate me to make a long-intended change: offsite links on now open in the current browser window (as opposed to a pop-up).

Meanwhile, in Sacramento: Tony Marcano is being bullied by the blogosphere over the decision to edit a blog. This past Sunday, he expanded on the reasoning for his decision, which I still think was right, after all, even columnists — the outpost of free opinion in printed newspapers — are edited.

And on the blogging-plus-news theme: the president of MSNBC.com talks about how blogs help online news. (He also discusses a range of other topics from ratings to the future of his site.)

Finally, I’ve added three new sites to my blogroll:

I’ve also added three new sites to my blogroll:

(I also removed a few stale sites…).

CBC’s excellent Home Delivery service has wrapped up its trial run which was scheduled to end five months ago. Right now, its unclear if it will become a regular service, but it’d be a shame if it didn’t.