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Semantic mark-up; TV funding; new XHTML 2.0 draft

Pretty much decided to scrap the rant I was going to publish about the latest CSS debate. The arguments have been made quite rationally by a number of people I respect, so I don’t think there’s a need to go over them again here.

Related to all this, though, is a good article by Tim Bray on the semantic mark-up (via web-graphics).

Funding was approved for two of my favourite dramas (which happen to be Canadian) on TV right now: Da Vinci’s Inquest and the excellent Eleventh Hour. Canadian TV is a bizarre beast, and unlike the U.S., it doesn’t have the private finances to make truly profitable shows — without money, quality shows are extremely hard to produce. However, that does mean shows are governed by profits which does have its advantages.

If the Swiss Army invited an extension for Mozilla, it’d by this: the incredible ContextMenu Extensions (I’d seen it before but finally installed it tonight). There are a lot of powerful tools available with a click, especially for those who know CSS.

The W3C has released a new draft of XHTML 2.0. Some new (to me) features:

The future of Mozilla Composer

Practical e-paper is getting closer.


Salam Pax is back with previously unposted entries dating from March 24.

Mozilla 1.4b is out — but I’ve yet to install it successfully as it keeps crashing on first launch (so I’m now running Mozilla 1.3.1 on Windows XP).