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Conservative Web sites; Roots looking to sweatshops?

David Akin has written an article in The Globe and Mail that reviews the Conservative Party leadership candidates’ Web sites. But how do they do on the standards count?

  1. Stephen Harper’s has 56 errors, and is a typical political site with the longest domain.
  2. Belinda Stronach’s has 74 validation errors, the best domain, and the prettiest site.
  3. Once Tony Clement’s is given a DOCTYPE, it has only two validation errors but remains unbelievably dull.

Layoffs are not unique to the dot-com world, and though I have many friends who are un- or underemployed their prospects for work for full employment are likely much better than those who made sweatshirts for Roots.

A month ago, the company held a huge warehouse sale at its Toronto factory. Now, that factory has been closed and its 200 or so employees are out of a job. Roots claimed it wasn’t cost effective and is being subcontracted. Not surprisingly, there are no guarantees the work would stay in Toronto, let alone Canada (for public relations reasons, it will continue to make its Olympic apparel here).

Roots’ sweatshops, anyone?