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Living Can Kill You

meyerweb,com redesigns; standard-based Scrabble; Martin’s throne speech

Mr. Meyer has redesigned his site, and is using a neat little trick I built into my new design (who knows when anyone but me will see it).

Now this is straight up my line: a Web-standards-based Scrabble game from the Man in Blue. It’s only single player (which means you play against yourself), and you can’t rearrange the letters — but with enough time, it should be possible to add those extensions. A great way waste time while improving on your real Scrabble game (via Web Graphics).

CBC.ca is jumping on the registration bandwagon.

I’m sure there is some hidden meaning to found in the fact that today:

  1. is Groundhog Day;
  2. three out of four groundhogs saw their shadow, thus prophesying a longer winter;
  3. is PM²’s first throne speech (which, thankfully provides GST relief for cities).