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Mozilla 1.2 released; arguing the benefits of cross-ownership

Mozilla 1.2 is out. Although 1.2 beta was a bit flaky, this build is much improved and is much better than the latest nightlies. If you still don’t use this amazing browser, perhaps its worth (re)reading the “101 things that the Mozilla browser can do that IE cannot” as selected by fellow Torontonian Neil Deakin.

(Another Neil, this one a Marshall, has written a good tutorial on how to create a Mozilla theme.)

The two big (private) English-language media companies (CanWest Global and my employer, Bell Globemedia) took their case to Ottawa yesterday, arguing Canadians benefit from cross-ownership. The executive VP of CanWest Global actually claimed “[y]ou would not have a true viable independent media without [cross-ownership].”"

Wonder what how he defines “independent” because there’s this little thing called the Internet that seems to provide some pretty good independent media.