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Searching The Globe

Another item on this site about stuff at the globeandmail.com — one of these days that site will actually have a blog to deal with this kinda stuff. Until then, I’ve created three search plugins for Firefox (or Mozilla, or Netscape 6+, or MacOS’s Sherlock).

  1. The first hooks up with the globeandmail.com article search and it also supports sidebar results, too. Install the globeandmail.com search plugin).
  2. The second uses globeinvestor.com’s stock quote look-up, enter a ticker for a North American company, get the latest price. (Install the globeinvestor.com Stock Quote search plugin).
  3. The final one (for now) does a search for Canadian mutual fund reports found on gloebfund.com. (Install the globefund.com Fund Report search plugin).

The plugins are amazingly easy to build (there’s ample documentation on the Mycroft sub-site) and have actually convinced me to return the search box to Firefox (I’ve always removed it from view).