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February 2005’s Posts.

  1. Jef Raskin dies

    The man how developed the Mac interface has died.

  2. Newspaper runs embedded text ads

    The New York Post IntelliTXT ads test go public.

  3. WSJ faces irrelevance, too

    Adam Penenberg (weakly) argues Wall Street Journal needs drop subscription.

  4. Number portability coming to Canada

    Finally mobile customers will be able to dump their carriers but keep their numbers

  5. $9/hour for Wifi!?

    Second Cup and Rogers will charge 15¢ a minute in great this infobahn robbery.

  6. Canada blocks Firefox users?

    Good news: Canada wants its citizens to connect with federal departments online in a secure and a consistent manner. Bad news: only Internet Explorer on Windows seems to be supported.

  7. Thomson offers $1.5B for Bell Globemedia

    This is either a low-ball offer for Bell Globemedia, or a rich offer for The Globe and Mail.

  8. XForms vs. Web Forms

    A in-depth explanation of the fight to find the best way to mark-up forms.

  9. Codename: Ajax

    JJG describes the new Web application interface model.

  10. The Doctor is dead

    Hunter S. Thompson has ended his gonzo life.

  11. Wikinews design contest

    Could be worth watching to see what the collective consciousness of the Web comes up with.

  12. New Washintonpost.com homepage

    Clean look, and notably, the left navigation is gone in place of the top nav.

  13. Microsoft to release IE7


  14. Interview with Salon’s new editor

    Founding editor David Talbot has stepped-down, and Joan Walsh explains what she’ll bring the magazine.

  15. No nostalgia for us, we’re Gen-X

    Nice little piece from The New York Times on eighties “nostalgia”

  16. We are the bunny-earred

    Over-the-air TV is the new cool.

  17. XMLHttpRequest tutorial

    The basics on building very dynamic Web interfaces.

  18. RSS big driver for NYTimes.com

    The NYTimes.com site got more than 4.5 million page views in Janaury from RSS.

  19. Watch Chrétien testify

    Canada’s ousted PM defends his role in the sponsorship inquiry.

  20. The New York Times: “Smaller Than a Pushpin, More Powerful Than a PC”

    Crazy-small 64-bit processor could reshape the home computing landscape.

  21. CTV wins Olympic broadcast rights

    CBC loses big: the Vancouver Olympic broadcast rights go to CTV-Rogers

  22. Standards-based phishing exploit

    This one is nasty, and affects standard-compliant browsers but leaves IE unaffected.

  23. O’Reilly’s Web design books online

    The full-text of early classics on HTML, CSS, and IA.

  24. SXSW’s 2005 Web Awards Finalists

    Finalists include Digital Web Magazine, a redesign I worked on.

  25. Picking a pope

    A old, yet timely Slate article on the process involved in selecting the next Catholic pope.di

  26. The Esquire covers

    Watch the magazine go from cutesy to classy to trashy.

  27. Creating a custom DTD

    A List Apart reveals how to create and validate a custom DTD.

  28. Rosen questions Akin

    David Akin reveals how blogging has changed his journalism.

  29. Interview with the other Craig

    Craigslist founder ponders citizen journalism and more.

  30. MSN redesigns

    The very, very dull page at least uses a semantic, CSS-based layout/

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