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What is the GBrowser?

Will they or won’t they? The GBrowser rumour mills are churning again with the CEO Eric Schmidt’s outright denial Google is building a browser.

Semantics, the faithful fans say.

Days earlier, MozillaNews collected all the signs and reported Google is likely customizing, not building, the Firefox browser. Some, like Scooble, scoff and believe something bigger is in the works. I’m now starting to agree. A Google browser doesn’t make much business sense — but a MAB-like application does.

Rearrange the tea leaves read by MozillaNews and what emerges is a Google shell designed to tie applications together in one cross-platform package. Of course, a Web browser would be needed to display the various applications GMail, Desktop Search, Groups, Froogle, AdSense), but it would certainly not be the core feature; in fact, it’s plausible this GooOS would only display Google-based sites.

Maybe Netscape, through its open-source progeny, really will fulfil its destiny.

No matter what ends up happening, Google has made searching such a hot commodity even Adobe is getting in on the act. The company has just struck a deal with to include Yahoo search with its applications, most notably, Acrobat.