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October 2004’s Posts.

  1. The Internet at 35 (or so)

    Today is the 35th anniversary of the first Internet message was sent from Len Kleinrock’s laboratory at UCLA

  2. MarketWatch for sale

    The Web-based finance news behemoth might go to Dow Jones or even Yahoo.

  3. Reviving on the tables

    Roger Johansson explains how to build data tables.

  4. Best of (Now’s) Toronto

    Reader’s picks are typically typical, but the critique’s picks hit the mark.

  5. Re-imagining democratic elections

    B.C. asked its citizens to come up with a better election process, and they’ve chosen wisely.

  6. Indigo relaunch coming

    Might the also ran online bookstore actually abadon fonts and tables in favour of CSS (which as far as I can, it doesn’t use at all)?

  7. Dot-post? Dot-travel?

    I don’t think I’ll ever get ICANN’s thinking.

  8. Scrollable tables

    Works even in browser that don’t support fixed positioning

  9. Speed tweaks

    Andy King’s collection of tips for speeding up your site’s performance.

  10. A yeat in J-School

    Why isn’t every journalism school encouaging its students to blog?

  11. Wikinews could be coming

    A proposed project from the Wikipedia folk is running about 3:1 in favour of getting underway

  12. Memories mapped to music

    Didier Hilhorst and Marcos Weskamp are collecting feelings, images, and memories related to songs.

  13. Wikipedia as journalism

    The Tyee follows the trend of loving the Wiki-powered encyclopedia as a model for journalism.

  14. Online news opening up

    Mark Glaser, in the OJR, writes about mainstream news sites opening up to the rest of the Web.

  15. Toronto to welcome Firefox

    There's going to be a launch party (likely November 20) for the browser here in Toronto after the browser officially hits 1.0.

  16. Directory tree styling

    Sfeve Clay demos a simple way to style multiple lists to look like a directory tree.

  17. “display:inline-block” a panacea for IE 5/Mac

    Mark Hadley finds a way to fix a nasty float bug that has plagued IE 5 on the Macintosh

  18. Back in the day’

    As clunky as the mark-up looks today, it’s impressive how much of Siegel’s wishes came to be.

  19. S5 version 1.0

    Eric Meyer’s dHTML slide show tool is presntation ready.

  20. Ben Goodger interview

    Firefox creator shares some insight with News.com

  21. Compiling corrections

    A blog commenting on corrections appearing in North American newspaper

  22. Inside the mind behind Findory

    An interview with ex-Amazoner Greg Linden about his personalized news site.

  23. The end of Moore’s Law?

    Probably not, the house that Moore built has killed planes to release 4GHz Pentium 4 processor.

  24. Implanting identity chips

    The New York Times discusses the ramifications surrounding the approval of a RFID-like chip for storing a 16-digit number used to retreive medical records.

  25. Mathew Ingram’s second blog at globeandmail.com

    Ingram has always been willing to produce Web-exclusive content as he previously illustrated with globetechnology’s Geek Watch.

  26. PPK finds a XP SP2 CSS bug

    Great. Internet Explorer 6 is different between Windows XP and Windows XP SP2. Let the fun begin.

  27. Offline versions of DevEdge’s sidebars

    Until the Mozilla Foundation can get the the rights to DevEdge material, you can download these from TnTLuoma.com.

  28. Netscape browser at 10

    News.com looks back at the browser’s storied life, and reports of a possible resurrection.

  29. WTF: an AOL IE?

    AOL plans to release a browser based on IE, despite the company’s ties with Netscape and Mozilla.

  30. Online newspaper index

    A listing of all (?) the Web versions of world⁏ newspapers

  31. New CAR site

    A very rough looking site for computer-assisted reporting in Canada, with links to database material.

  32. BBC unveils open-source video tool

    Targetting Windows Media Player, this is another demonstration of BBC’s excellent foresight.

  33. Skinning Gmail

    Redesign the Gmail interface with a custom stylesheet. Just the beginning of what will be a quick trend.

  34. sIFR 2.0 RC 1

    Mike Davidson and Mark Wubben unveil what could be the final version of a pretty impressive image replacement technique.

  35. Using patterns in Web design

    Ryan Singer, from 37signals, offers a simple introduction to patterns.

  36. Kapica on Firefox

    He doesn’t like it, because it won’t work with the Globe and Mail’s publishing tools. Let’s see if I can fix that…(subscription only link).

  37. CRTC: Voicemail spam A-OK

    Apparently, it’s not enough of a nuisance…

  38. Remaking BBC News with Wikipedia links

    Stef Magdalinski has built a proxy to turn proper nouns into links.

  39. Online news design winners

    The winners from 2004—s Society for News Design multimedia awards, the SNDies.

  40. “Web standards” near “Toronto, ON”

    The WaSP’s message can be found all across T-dot (thanks for the tip Rudy).

  41. The perfect news story

    The hed, the lede, all brilliant.

  42. Introducing CreativeCommons.ca

    Creative Commons licences for use under Canadian law.

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