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Mozilla’s multi-columns, and an IE7 update

There’s been a lot of news during the past week or so that has almost tempted me to break the posting silence, but only one managed to break the floodgates: the release of Mozilla 1.8 Alpha3. Forget the awkward name, this is, for me, the most important release since 1.0.

With the stability of 1.7 underneath it, the developers have seen to add a couple of experimental CSS3 features in to this release. The per-site styles are an interesting feature, but it’s the CSS multi-columns I’m eager to start experimenting with. Robert O’Callahan’s has worked hard to get this feature in, and though it’s still buggy, multi-columns opens a whole new arena for CSS-based design. The Daily Flight, whose new design is quite newspaper-y, is an example of a site that could benefit immediately (by the way, 30–35em is the optimal line length.)

Dean Edwards has also made a big update to IE7, version 0.7.1 (alpha) meets almost all of Edwards’ targets and covers everything and more that I wanted to see.