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April 21, 2004’s Posts.

  1. Off-shoring may benefit Canada

    Unlike the U.S., off-shoring hasn’t notuceably affected the Canadian economy. A recent PriceWaterHouseCoopers study suggests there will be about 75,000 Canadian IT jobs sent to places like India during the next six years.The net gain in jobs, though, may be double that figure. Ironically, the effects will be tempered by American companies “near-shoring” jobs in Canada

  2. The Webbys struggle on

    The collective yawn heard across the Web was the announcement of the latest Webby nominations (why do they force you to re-register every year?). Admittedly, given how far this medium has come over the past decade (need proof: look at the state of the medium circa December 1994), this blasé attitude is kind of bizarre.

  3. Mozilla offering page-specific CSS hooks

    Asa points to a great soon-to-be feature for Gecko based browsers: a means to apply custom CSS based on the URL of the page loaded in the browser (vote for it). This has been bandied about on the www-style list, and there have been a number of suggested workarounds, including CSS signatures. Until this gets implemented, try Chris Neale’s extension, URIid

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