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Introducing Firefox; Pixies back; validator fixed

At what point does it just become silly?

Mozilla Firebird, upon the release of version 0.8, is now known as Firefox. Yes, it’s the fourthfifth name for the browser; yes, it is the same name as that so-so Clint Eastwood movie; and yes, the Mozilla folk promise this is the final name change.

Ben Goodyear explains what the name change looked like from the inside, and reveals it was the reason why this release was so delayed. Jon Hicks, meanwhile, explains how the process of the logo/brand redesign.

No doubt we’ll all get used to Firefox as we did to Firebird, and what better way to start then by downloading it.

In other Mozilla-related news, Thunderbird 0.5 has been released, and MozillaZine launched both its Wiki-based Mozilla Knowledge Base and its funding drive.

Not only does Molly Holzschlag’s “Integrated Web Design” describe exactly the kind of work I’m doing now, it is an exceptional blueprint for creating CSS-based Web sites.

An addendum that was meant for Friday’s post: another article on footers has been published over at Digital Web. In it, Jeff Lash examines three variations on the oft-neglected page element.

Good news, bad news. The Pixies are reuniting to tour 11 cities in North America, more than half of which are in Canada. The bad news (for us musically-spoiled Torontonians) the tour stars in Winnipeg and moves west.

P.S., the much-discussed CSS Validator has been fixed by Sijtsche Smeman. We, and that most definitely includes me, owe a lot to Zeldman for his efforts over the years. It’s heartening to see he — despite a few rather venomous attacks against him — still inspires people to improve this medium.