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Roll-your-own DTD; all-in-one DevEdge sidebar

Those wondering how to roll-your-own DTD might well be served by reading the W3C recommendation on the Modularization of XHTML. Helpful to know if you want to push the limits of XHTML.

On a related note, the W3C has also assembled a list of valid DTDs to use in HTML templates.

Next week, two colleagues — Joe Clark and Tara Cleveland — will be speakers at the Toronto Usability Summit. If you’re in town, and can spare the time, you may want to attend.

DevEdge has bundled all its sidebars (including ones for HTML 4.01; CSS 2.0 and 2.1; JavaScript 1.3, 1.4, and 1.5; DOM2 and Gecko’s DOM; as well as XSLT) together into one “MultiBar” — and the site even explains how you can make your own. If you’re running a Gecko-based browser, it’s worth the install, natch.

Also from DevEdge, a tutorial on the XSLT/JavaScript interface in Mozilla 1.2+ — of course, it’s different then how Microsoft implements client-side XSLT.