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What’s the object?

The W3C concludes its two-part series on how to embed multimedia into HTML documents, and asks the Web standards community to help them QA browsers. The timing is just about perfect for this because as most reading this are no doubt aware:

For the record, here are my results:

Windows XP SP 2 browsers results for object support
Test Firefox 1.0.4 Opera 8.0 Interent Explorer 6
Y: Yes; N: No; B: Buggy
Intrinsic size Y Y N
Resizing an object element with pixels Y Y B
Resizing an object element with percentage Y Y B
Including a text with object Y Y Y
Testing the fallback mechanism Y N N
Including a piece of program with object B Y N
Including a piece of html source code with object Y Y B
“data:” scheme in data attribute Y Y N
classid and codetype attribute Y N N
Invalid data attribute - Fallback Mechanism N N Y