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May 2005’s Posts.

  1. Happy 10th, Z

    Jeffrey Zeldman, the man who brought “Web standards” to the forefront, celebrates 10 years online.

  2. Dave’s markup guide

    A little style guide designed to show the basics of semantic markup.

  3. The rationale for XHTML 2.0

    The W3C explain the reasoning behind and the features of XHTML 2.0.

  4. Internet Explorer support end dates

    Most versions of the Microsoft browser will no londer by supported by the company after December 21, 2005.

  5. Review the latest XHTML 2.0 draft

    Anne highlights the changes to the latest draft XHTML 2.0 draft — seems a step backwards…

  6. Replacing the Vomit Comet

    Eye asks what I’ve always wondered, too: why do subways still stop before last call?

  7. Frank back?

    Ms Z. is suggest the gossip magazine is being resurrected by its former owner as an online publication.

  8. Details on tabs in Internet Explorer

    Essentially, IE 7’s tabs will behave as Firefox and Safari do.

  9. Salon’s Site Pass success

    The online magazine’s revenue model seems to final have got its groove.

  10. Nokia 770: the Internet tablet

    Although I had an early Palm, I only really used it to read downloaded Web sites. This, though, looks to satisfy my needs…

  11. Unistall Netscape 8 says IE team

    The Internet Explorer team suggests users uninstall Netscape 8 because of an XML issue.

  12. What’s the object?

    The W3C concludes its two-part series on how to embed multimedia into HTML documents, and asks the Web standards community to help them QA browsers. The timing is just about perfect for this because as most reading this are no doubt aware:

  13. MySQL tips

    More than thirty tips about the database language.

  14. Universal layouts

    One HTML file to rule them (i.e., CSS designs) all.

  15. Finder-style menu

    I was thinking about doing something like this myself, but once again A List Apart beats me to the punch.

  16. Dean Edwards releases IE7 update

    The script now corrects almost all of Internet Explorer’s CSS bugs.

  17. Enter stage left: Kerouac

    An unpublished play by Jack Kerouac has been discovered.

  18. A social-democratic budget passes

    Yes, there’s been a dearth of posts here; no, I don’t plan on turning this into a polictical blog. However, given the last two posts were about the Canadian government’s delicate position, consider this the third (and for now) concluding entry.

  19. TTC Rider Efficiency Guide

    A mini-map to each subway station in the TTC.

  20. Netflix beats Wal-Mart

    Online DVD rental business goes to the little guy.

  21. Netscape 8 released

    The browser that won’t die now has two heads.

  22. Using hCalendar to fill your calendar

    Eric Meyer explains how the microformat can be changed into an iCalendar file.

  23. Online news survey

    Questions are a bit skewed, but worth taking to see the results.

  24. NYTimes.com redesigns story pages

    In anticipation of subscription content, the site tweaks it pages and, visually, makes them worse.

  25. Custom DTDs not so good

    Making you own DTD may not be such a good idea after all.

  26. The New York Times follows The Globe and Mail

    …in the sense it will be putting some of its content behind a paywall. However, they are letting paper subscribers in for free — smart.

  27. Toronto Star blogs and podcasts

    Antonia Zerbisas does the media blog thing and John Sakamoto’s Anti-Hit List is part of the podcasts.

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