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XAML implications; resting Rainmain

Chris Kaminski (through the WaSP’s Buzz blog) has posted a thorough overview of XAML and its implications, including a bit about the W3C’s “response”: SVG 1.2’s Rendering Custom Content.

Meanwhile language squabbles continue in the journalism world, too, as I learned on online-news.

AOL News has finally dropped its proprietary language, Rainman, in favour of HTML even as one of Brazil’s largest newspapers is reportedly dumping HTML for PDFs.

Granted, we are much better off then we were 20 years ago, even if you consider Knight Ridder’s videotext service, Viewtron.

Troll of the day: how would merging with Microsoft effect Google’s core rule: “don’t be evil”?

Oh, and a Happy Hallowe’en to you and yours.