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Living Can Kill You

Star redesign; responding to Asper; privacy in Canada

The Toronto Star, Canada’s biggest paper, is celebrating 110 years in print by redesigning itself (due a week today), and running a retrospective series. Some of the more interesting ones are about the paper itself, including a great piece on the Star’s legendary switchboard and a bittersweet reminisce of the newsrooms of old.

And in the tradition of the crusading journalists days past, a brave response to Izzy Asper’s recent rant from one of his own journalists, The Montreal Gazette’s Sue Montgomery.

Nothing will ever be the same.” In the year since the terrorist attacks in the U.S., a lot has changed. Not the least of which has been privacy restrictions. Ontario’s Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner has compiled a comprehensive year-in-review looking at access and privacy issues in Canada.

Key sections include the “Legislative Developments” and “External Factors” for the federal and provincial governments.