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At least when it comes to the content of this site

A little more than a year-and-a-half ago I wrote how the political climate had turned once enjoyable blogs into an experience akin to attending a political rally for a party I loathed. This experience has forced me to check a lot of my opinions at the proverbial door of my own blog.

Those who know me personally are well aware of my views on the current conflict. Given some of the links on my site, you, too, are likely aware of my biases. Like any publication, this site’s content reflects the leanings of its publisher/editor/writer. It would be impossible for me to not let my opinions shape what I post here.

That being said, I’m plan on keeping focused on what it has always been: Web design and online journalism. Because of the latter, there will no doubt be war commentary, but it will primarily be devoted to how outlets are covering it. I believe you come here to learn about building the Web, not waging war. As a result, I’ve created a few editorial guidelines for the site in general, and the blog in particular:

May normalcy return sooner, rather than later.

(As always, if you have any opinions or comments let me know.)