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Fixing the CSS validator; CSS footers and JavaScript galleries

Following yesterday’s minor kerfuffle over the CSS validator and CSS hacks, Zeldman is asking people to request the W3C update its validator. In reply, the W3C’s Olivier Thereaux is asking the community to help fix the open-source validator.

As well as publishing Zeldman’s call, the latest issue of A List Apart also features two excellent articles, one is on creating footers in CSS and the other demonstrates how to create a JavaScript image gallery.

Last night I had drinks with Gord MacLeod — a former co-worker and extremely knowledgeable guy — at a smokey bar in my neighbourhood. A few weeks ago he sent me a note, with an ad for FrontPage 2003 attached. The ad brags about how the program has cleaned up its act, and ironically features some typos and questionable HTML.

Today, Dave Shea posted a link to a variation of the same ad. This one has less HTML, but this time it’s invalid.

I also posted a rant today about missing Web services.