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Living Can Kill You

Advanced CSS ornamentation; four-column layouts; Chrétien profiled

The Literary Moose is known for his clever designs that push the limits of CSS (and also, though valid, tend only to work in Opera). And now, like a rule-breaking magician, he reveals a number of his tricks at the Nemesis Project to an awe-filled audience.

In a much more humble CSS demonstration, I just posted a four-column liquid layout that should work in most modern browsers, including Netscape 4.x.

The latest defense against spammers is the “enter the number you see in this purposefully obscured graphic” method. Not only is it ineffective, it’s also inaccessible. Meanwhile, Joe Clark issues a rallying cry for Web developers to save the WCAG 2.0.

As the federal Liberal’s “elect” a new leader (read The New York Times’s flattering profile of outgoing leader Jean Chrétien), linking to Tommy Douglas’s parable, “The Story of Mouseland,” seems appropriate.

The Laws, Theories, Axioms and Paradoxes of News.”