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Give students their own Web site

Why not give students— particularly journalism students— their own free Web space, administered by the university?

The university would offer a simple Web-hosting service, allowing students with minimal development skills to update their sites. Think of it as a cross between GeoCities and a Web-based form.

The site could serve as:

For example, a student could use it's site to run their own Weblog, as well as posting their assignments.

This set-up would introduce the students to the basic concepts of HTML and Web-based publishing, and allow them to promote their skills and talent. To teach the students how to use the system, part of a relevant first-year course would be devoted to this publishing process.

While the student remained in enrolled in the program, the cost for could be absorbed by the school. Once a student leaves the program the school charge a profit-making hosting fee to keep the site accessible.

Implementing such a system would require not only a skilled administrator, but a high degree of patience. Once in place, however, the advantages appear:

Universties, in today's climate, need a way to distingush themselves, and demonstrate why they should be the first choice.

The act of offering students a free, service to promote themselves, will not only attract applicants and sponsors, it will demonstrate that future begins at this school.

So give the students a Web site and let all reap the rewards.