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Living Can Kill You

Relaunches out of style; multimedia journalism; patent policy for the W3C

I was just thinking about this: “The Quiet Death of the Major Re-Launch.” The whole concept now seems as much a part of the bubble-era as Aeron chairs and brick-and-beam loft offices. (Via Digital Web.)

During the dot-com boom, I was at CANOE, a site once known for its comprehensive news coverage. Now, it’s officially expected to hock Quebecor product (although the site has been moving in that direction for a while). Meanwhile, the CBC is working to make convergence succeed by continuing to integrate its news, TV, and online units and create truly multimedia content, while not laying off more journalists.

Via css-discuss, there is a light at the end of the tunnel (?).

Tim Berners-Lee has wisely decided that the “proposed Royalty-Free Patent Policy should become the Patent Policy for W3C.” Long live the open Web. (Via mezzoblue.)