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Living Can Kill You

HomeSite update; sins of free content

For those who still use (and love) HomeSite, deep within Macromedia’s site is an update for version 5 the Dreamweaver MX version. HomeSite+ 5.2 offers an improved spell-check and search highlighting, customization of the toolbars, as well as some minor XHTML problems. And two of my big pet peeves are fixed: convert tag case no longer converts the DOCTYPE and files now preview properly with Mozilla.

Update: Seems the reason the update is called “HomeSite+ 5.2” is because you actually need Dreamweaver MX for it to work. An update for the standalone is promised for this month. I am hoping it contains the same updates, as well as one to correct the special characters toolbar’s problems). Thanks to Mr. Bowman for reminding me to update this.

How times have changed: AOL only bought Time Warner two years ago

Robert Spears’s provocative new column at PAID links the seven deadly sins to free online content. Clever concept, some interesting points, and a few fallacies. Still worth the read though. (Via WebWord.)