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CSS supports limit semantic mark-up; Internet as coffee-house

Dave Shea has a detailed breakdown of a stumbling block I’ve been climbing over while rebuilding this site. Strip-down mark-up to its semantically pure form, and it becomes almost impossible to access the needed elements with today’s CSS. As a result, the mark-up needs additional hooks.

In my design prototype, I’ve tried to keep those hooks minimal, relying only on some key ids, but as I move to support IE, they may multiply. Even with those minimal hooks, the CSS is becoming quite complex. (Understandable, given the CSS for this design is bloated enough, and the mark-up, essentially three years old, has a lot more hooks.)

Creating CSS by hand will become as onerous as it is now when hand-coding SVG files. We need a rock-solid WYSIWYG for creating CSS-based designs; we need a QuarkXPress/InDesign/Illustrator-type program if Web design is to mature.

Are you software developers listening?

The Internet as a caffeine-free coffee-house (via E-Media Tidbits).