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Online media matters


December 2, 2004’s Posts.

  1. Eye blog

    Toronto’s alterna-weekly gets a blog.

  2. Why blogging as journalism is a pipe dream

    Jason Kottke posts scoops about a Jeporady whiz Ken Jennings, and Sony threatens to sue him — but not the Washington Post, which did the same thing.

  3. Park-by-phone

    Well, actually it’s pay-by-phone-to-park, but still…

  4. Editorial judgement by click

    A newspaper is tracking every click on a story and using that to help determine the content of the next day’s paper.

  5. ITunes Canada has finally arrived.

    After a lot of stumbles, Apple has launched a Canadian edition of it’s iTunes service. With 700,000 songs available for only 99¢ it maintains the less-than-a-buck/pound-a-song model here in Canada. The result means it’s cheaper to buy the same songs off of the Canadian iTunes than it is in U.S. or the U.K.

  6. Why Google News is still “beta”

    The WSJ’s Online Journal caught Google News link, as its top story, to a satirical article claiming Canada had arrested U.S. President Georg

  7. Joe Gillespie retires

    Joe Gillespie is retiring from his pioneering work as a Web designer and publisher of Web Page Design for Designers.

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