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Online media matters


November 2000’s Posts.

  1. International Telegraph Herald

    Rarely is a newspaper site a thing of beauty. But the recently redesigned International Telegraph Herald is an exception. Not only is the site clean, intuitive, and useful, it pushes the boundaries of the today’s technology. To experience the site as intended, in all it’s dHTML glory, users will need the latest browsers. For once an old media institution is pushing the envelope all the right ways.

  2. Election results (or how the big sites fared)

    How Canadian news sites fared during the night of a federal election.

  3. Dot-what?!

    A less-than-postive reaction to the domains ICANN approved.

  4. With a whimper

    The underwhelming relase of the much-delayed Netscape 6.

  5. Papers must push online news

    During this latest U.S. election some media outlets declaring a new president even though there officially wasn’t one. To be fair, it was already 3 a.m. ET when the networks started predicting a Bush victory, and newspapers must go to print at some point. Despite being an offender, The Globe and Mail at least directed readers to its Web site for updates. Of the five Toronto papers, The Globe was the only one to prominently do so. When will they get it?

  6. Why end with 30?

    A brief look into the history of why the number “30” is used to end newspaper articles.

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