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Online media matters


June 8, 2004’s Posts.

  1. Stopdesign restarts

    When Friday Mr. Bowman said there was another redesign underway at Stopdesign, few suspected the entire foundation would be replaced.

  2. Do’s and don’ts for online newspapers

    MediaSavvy continues its survey on why a newspaper can’t be more like a blog, this time discussing why so few of online newspapers have ability to track stories and add comments. Barry Parr also mentions Jonathan Dube’s list of 101 things to improve a news site. “We” have done at least nine on the list

  3. Stick the stinger on the WaSP

    The Web Standards Project wants to know what effect it and Web standards in general have in your working life. For most of the Web-developing readers of this little site, standards are a way of life, and it’s easy to forget we are in the vast minority. Filling it out the WaSP’s brief survey will help the organization reach out to the majority.

  4. Man knows news (from blogs)

    One Steve recently went on a news diet and restricted himself to the blogosphere. Later, another Steve tested the first’s news knowledge of that period. The results indicated you can get the news from just blogs. Of course, the same positive results would likely be obtained if the diet was restricted to discussions with friends at bars and cafes, too

  5. A Royal pain in the…

    The man behind the RBC crash and Eric Reguly on how the bank reacted

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