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Online media matters


July 9, 2004’s Posts.

  1. Mozilla not perfect!

    So, Mozilla had a security flaw — the browser’s not perfect after all. However, unlike some browsers, the patch was made within four-and-a-half hours. Eleven hours later, the vulnerability was reported and the codebase was fixed. Less than 24 hours later, updated versions of (or patches for) Mozilla’s software was available. (The timeline is summarized from sacarny’s own work.)

  2. Lists for Web geeks (and some Dashboard, too)

    Lists, like questionnaires, seem destined to be perfect blog food, so here’s a double dose for those Web designers out there:

  3. Saving BBC Online

    Although some British Internet companies are happy about reducing BBC Online’s presence, many in that country’s online media industry are not as pieces in the Guardian and Digital Media Europe indicate. I wonder if the BBC is still a bit timid after the suicide of Dr. David Kelly.

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