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May 30, 2004’s Posts.

  1. Catching-up with the news

    In the weeks since I’ve posted anything substantial here, it seems almost every notable blog has redesigned. (Where’s this one’s? Still sitting, unfinished on a test server.) There’s also been an election called in Canada, and a number of interesting developments in the news world. With my dad’s recovery progressing quite nicely, it’s about time to kick this blog back into gear and start covering these events.

  2. Purple numbers

    Joe Clark famously did it when moving his incredible book, Building Accessible Websites online, and Eugene Eric Kim made them visible with “Purple.” Chris Dent turned Tim Bray onto them, and, in turn, Simon Willison made the technique dynamic while improving it visually. The purple numbers idea makes Joe’s work usable and will most likely be seen on the new version of this site

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