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March 10, 2004’s Posts.

  1. Stevie’s “big bad”

    Stevie Cameron rose to fame by exposing the skeletons lurking in the closets of people like our former prime minister, Brian Mulroney. Since November her former employer, and my current one, has been doing the same to her. The Globe and Mail claimed she was a confidential informant for the RCMP. At first Cameron denied it, and then when more evidence became available, she conceded she might have been considered a source. Antonia Zerbisias’ recent column explains why this is “big bad” (thanks Steph)

  2. Oops, we did it again

    No paper likes running corrections once, let alone twice, but that’s what the L.A. Times had to do when an overzealous editor altered a story to suggest an opera was against abortion

  3. The press gallery blog

    A former student of mine, Elaine O’Connor, has just launched a new journalism-related blog promising journalism students (and non-students) everything they “ever wanted to find on-line in j-school but were afraid to waste time looking for,” including “a little sass, a lot of links, non-fiction book reviews, headline media news, job and reporting resources, discussion boards and opinion pieces.”

  4. Netscape for IE!

    Now, for all those who love Netscape, but use Microsoft’s browser, get the new Netscape Toolbar for Internet Explorer! (thanks MikeyC)

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