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Online media matters


July 16, 2004’s Posts.

  1. Registering your voice

    As more and more new sites move toward registration, who really benefits?

  2. Adding value to registration

    A passionate thread within the online-news list has encouraged two co-workers to post their well-informed responses on their personal sites. Adrian Holovaty talks about how registration isn’t adding value and Simon Willison explains why BugMeNot is not the bad guy. (I’ve also thrown my somewhat restricted thoughts on this inevitable trend online.)

  3. Browser Wars II: an overview

    The Guardian has published an extremely well-written overview of the new browser wars. Although the piece is targetted at a mainstream audience, but is comprehensive enough to provide a summary to those Web designers not up on the latest shenanigans (Firefox, Longhorn, Dashboard, WHATWG, etc.)

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