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Online media matters


May 3, 2004’s Posts.

  1. World Press Freedom Day

    Today is World Press Freedom Day, and there’s no doubt why this is needed

  2. National Magazine Award finalists

    The National Magazine Award finalists have been announced, and once again, Toronto Life leads the pack with 25 nominations. The Walrus is seventh, with 11 nominations, well behind Toro (17), and just ahead of Maclean’s with its meagre eight nominations (as a point of comparison, its French sister, L’actualité is second with 23 nominations)

  3. Geeks anniversaries

    A couple of anniversaries that helped shape a generation or two of geeks: BASIC is 40, and Space Invaders is 25

  4. Three-hundred images from 1,800 sites

    What icons do nearly two-thousand sites use to represent seven common elements? Find out at 300 Images From 1800 Sites

  5. Zeldman’s spring

    Zeldman urges everyone to feel the “spring” in their step with his all-green redesign

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