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It’s been a fun two decades

Somewhere in the haze of it all, I missed an anniversary.

Last fall marked the twentieth year of this—or rather, the evolutionary predecessor to this site. You won’t remember it. I don’t really remember that single page very well either.

This month, though, is the twentieth anniversary of something more cohesive. At the time I was a journalist experimenting with a new medium to tell stories. The design showed for it. Cleverly dubbed “Craig’s Alias,” the pages had all the hallmarks of a late-’90s website: side navigation, tiled background graphics generated with the help of Kai’s Power Tools, a graphic logo, bright blue links, and a table layout to hold it all together.

Within five years, the site had evolved into a deep exploration into the core techniques of the web as we know it today. Notably, it became home to hundreds of articles about journalism, user experience, and most notably, CSS layouts.

During the past decade, though, updates have been infrequent.

In the coming weeks, probably a year after my previous post here, I’ll final accept this new reality and let this site revert back to what it was two decades ago: A single page in the wilderness hinting at the hopes of an explored future.

To everyone I’ve met and learned through this space on the web over the years: Thank you. I can’t emphasis enough how much of an influence you’ve had on my life so far.

Here’s to the next 20.