digital media matters

Last weekend, I got on the bus.

After months of struggling with, fighting for, propping up, and often challenging so many original ideas without notable success, I ventured into the wilderness with some of the smartest design thinkers around.

For the entirety of almost exactly 36 hours, I surrounded myself with these people and ignored the siren calls from all those other voices still ringing in my ears.

There’s lots of metaphors bouncing around in my head right now and the strongest ones are also the most clichéd, so let’s forget those.

Let’s just say the time away was useful.

Let’s imagine that some insights were found and that their source will one day be crystal clear.

For now, though, let’s admit it’s not.

Let’s admit that nothing really is.

And despite that, despite all the sharp edges and unexpected flips and turns, we’ll all get to the destination soon enough.

It’s just a matter of knowing who’ll be with you on the journey.