digital media matters

When journalism rises to its true potential it can bring the hidden stories to the front of a nation’s conscience and inspire that country to be better.

The Globe and Mail is doing an exceptional job of late. (That they are also my employer only makes me prouder to be a part of it.) Inside the newsroom, egos can often trick themselves about the important work being done, but it’s hard to look at the output coming from David Walmsley’s newsroom and not be impressed.

Take this weekend as but an example:

But it isn’t always bad news.

The Arts section this weekend published an ambitious year-end book review section (The Globe 100) which appeared in parallel with an energetic and original digital experience. As well, Walmsley’s spoken openly about the importance of supporting the arts and has devoted a year to telling the story of two young filmmakers discovering what it means to create something original in Canada today.

All of this serves as a good and necessary reminder journalism take time – and money – to pull random details together into a truthful account of our time.