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Primus sets it right

Getting VoIP and keeping the local number possible

The fourth article in an occasional series.

Looks like I had nothing to worry about. Calling the Primus sales number to activate my TalkBroadband account was so efficient, I had to actually slow it all down to confirm I was hearing what I thought I was.

The end result:

What it means

Primus will ship my router to me (I presume, because I forgot to ask, pre-setup) in 10 – 15 days. Once I receive it, I ask the folks at the Bell High Speed Centre to switch my exisiting Sympatico service over to dry DSL. Once done, I’m in VoIP-land.

So, either the Bell’s move into the VoIP service in the Toronto-area improved the services provided by its competitors, or I was getting mixed messages. Were I to bet, I’d say it was a little bit of both; with Vonage’s American customer service represantives not up to speed with the current Canadian landscape.

As well, it looks as though Ruth was right. I was wrong, sorry all. You do need to — and are able to — have your new local carrier do the phone number switch.

To re-iterate, to keep your local number with VoIP while using DSL, you need to talk your VoIP company first. Once the router arrives, you call Bell Bell High Speed Centre to establish dry DSL.

This is all sounding all too easy now, and I hope it remains that way. My only remaining concern is that my phone number switch goes smoothly, and I don’t lose service.